lunes, 9 de junio de 2014


Feeling blue today? It’s not uncommon—the start of the workweek can bring on a serious case of sadness. (Sometimes an episode of The Bachelor or even March Madness isn’t enough to battle the Monday-morning gloom.) Luckily we've got some tips to help turn Monday's into the best day of the week.

Monday Madness—The Need-to-Know

In one study, scientists found people show biological signs of stress when they start anticipating the workday [1] [2]. And expect some rants under 140 characters when the weekend’s over (Damn you long line at Starbucks!): Based on a study of Twitter messages, researchers think people are most likely to feel feel the #blues on Monday and Tuesday. Other researchers say most workers don’t smile until about 11:16 am on Mondays.

But it can go beyond hating the alarm clock. A study in Japan found suicide rates were highest on Mondays [3]. And in some people,Monday-morning depression may even trigger cardiovascular problems [4]. But Monday’s don’t have to bring us down in the dumps.

Happy Days—Your Action Plan

Stop scowling! Follow these 13 simple steps to beat the blues and greet the new week like it’s Friday night.
1. Don’t live for the weekends. Studies show people who are stressed at work tend to be much happier on the weekend. So don’tonly look forward to Saturday and Sunday; try to spread out the joy and plan something fun during the week, like a movie night with pals.
2. Relaaax. Pick either Friday or Saturday night to go out, and spend another evening staying home with friends. (Game night, anyone?!) Too much time out and about may lead to less sleep and pesky hangovers.
3. Don’t sleep in. Who can resist sleeping till noon? But instead of waking up just in time for lunch, try sticking to the same sleep schedule all week to feel rested and energized all week long.
 4. Plan ahead Sunday night. Lay out the Monday morning outfit and pack a good lunch the night before—eliminating any stress in the A.M. will only make Monday’s more tolerable. And remember to re-set the alarm in order to wake up on time and avoid being late for work.
5. Hit the hay early on Sunday. Make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep to gear up for the workweek. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour will make the alarm clock our new friend.
6. Don’t skip breakfast. Boost metabolism and jump-start the day with a hearty breakfast [5]. (Morning hunger crankiness is the last thing anyone needs at the office.)
7. Get pumped with some tunes. While getting ready for work, turn up the stereo (or Pandora). Listening to music can boost mood and get us pumped for work. This song does wonders.
8. Hit the (early-bird) gym. It’s no secret that exercise amps up endorphin levels, so try getting in early morning exercise to start the day off right [6]. Crunched for time? Try this four-minute workout.
9. Look snazzy. New dress, new day. Save that latest fun purchase for Monday morning, or even wear red to feel more confident when headed to the office [7].
10. Smile! Smile in the shower, flash a grin to the barista, and show those pearly whites to the whole office. Some contagious smiles could help make us feel a lot better [8].
11. Treat yo’ self. Make Monday rewarding: Indulge in a piece of chocolate, do some online shopping during lunch-hour, or even have sex (just don’t do it in the office).
12. Take small breaks throughout the day. Don’t stay glued to the cubicle all day. Take a walk to get some fresh air, avoid eating lunch at the desk, or if possible, hit the gym for a quick workout.
13. Figure out why Monday’s are blue. If dreading Mondays no matter what, then it may be time to switch careers.

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  1. Buenos días. Creo que la vida se vive como una caricia en la espalda: puedes sentirla en la piel, o en el alma. Quizás, lo estresante del lunes es que las personas lo ven como el fin de su “libertad” (fin de semana). Sin embargo, creo que la vida no tiene días, ni fines de semana. Bueno, todo en la vida depende del momento oportuno, lo que me lleva al presente pasado y futuro. Una caricia de la piel, es solo momentánea. Una caricia que llega al alma, es una fábrica de sueños y de felicidad. Mas allá de dejar de vivir “por” los fines de semana, hay que tratar de vivir TODA la semana, disfrutando de esos momentos cotidianos. Y, en vez de aferrarnos a la “Red” (Internet y sus accesorios) deberíamos aferrarnos a nuestro propio tiempo. Y, sobre todo, separar el trabajo del hogar; y, las cosas personales de la familia.

    Un lunes, es como una caricia para la piel, puede causar cosquillas o ilusiones. Pero, cada día de la semana es una cosquilla para el alma: la oportunidad de hacer realidad tus sueños. Si dejas el café, el ciberespacio y el celular a un lado, al menos una hora diaria, y te dedicas ese tiempo a ti (al margen del ejercicio, las amistades o los niños), tiempo en el que descansas y te aíslas del mundo: ese lunes, será el mejor lunes de tu vida.

    P.d. Imagínate que estás parada en el medio del mar: por encima del agua no hay nada: solo horizonte; pero, debajo del agua: hay todo un mundo lleno de vida, coloridos lugares, seres vivos de todo tipo y experiencias inimaginables por vivir. Eso, mi estimada, es la vida: lo que pasa bajo tus pies, mientras intentas ver el horizonte. A veces, solo debes mirar bajo tus pies para apreciar la verdadera belleza.

    Bueno, y no "odies" a los anónimos... juzga solo el mensaje. F.