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jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013


Bueno..... vivir el desapego...desprendimiento, pruebas.. uff ....Lo que no se sube en fotos bonitas...para mí llega al extremo cuando me quedo incomunicada...lo odio.......

Y varias veces me ha pasado ya este año...Y me ha tocado tirar para lante...

Pero ese es uno de mis castigos mayores...adoro el cell...y...........BACK TO LIFE!!!

Siento que renací solo con el hecho de poder nuevamente hacer tantas cosas, hacer mis fotos...:D

Una pequeña cosa puede ser una gran alegría!

Valora lo que tienes!


miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013


Can you live in the maybe?
When my dad asked my mom to marry him, she didn’t say yes or no…she said maybe.
When I think about that, it makes me a little edgy. To think that the person I love said maybe, instead of an immediate yes, puts my ego into an uproar.
What did my dad do? Did he demand that she answer him now and tell her that if she didn’t say yes, that she didn’t really love him? Nope.
My Dad said, “Cool, well I’ll give you 10 years to think about it…” And that was that; he let it go.
Then, two weeks later my mom said yes and they’ve been happily married for 34 years.
I credit this partly because of the major act of selfless trust that my father placed onto my mom without any pressure. There is a lot to be learned from this act of trust.
I know if it had been me, I don’t know if I could have kept my cool. I would have wanted an immediate answer. I mean, my emotions and heart are on the line; you don’t mess with those! But instead of being demanding and selfish, my dad let go and trusted the outcome.
How many of us can do that in life? Instead of demanding what we want and wanting it now, can we ask The Uni-verse for what we want, and then let go? Can we rest in the peace of the moment knowing we are provided for and that the perfect thing, which is probably better than what we asked for in the first place, will show up?
Do we really have the faith to live the maybe? Or better put, can we see that the delays of The Uni-verse are not Its denials? Can we let go and let things unfold naturally?
The Truth is that the perfect outcome will happen. My mom told my father yes; but if she had said no, he would have gotten the Truth and been able to move on to find a woman who loved him and could go the distance.
Ask for the emotional sobriety and peace of mind to be okay living the maybes. Get comfortable in the in-between. Know that delays are not denials and have fun in the moment, in the mean time, as it evolves into an ever better version of reality.
Do you have what it takes to live the maybe today?
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Love from Maui,
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Los ojos de un niño

Presta atención a los ojos de un niño
Porque ellos saben ver el mundo sin amargura.
Manual del Guerrero de La Luz
Pablo Coehlo

lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013


En estos días ha circulado mucho un artículo invitando a la gente a tener un AMANTE...algo que te quite el sueño, que te apasione... ya sea un hobbie, un  reto, un logro material... Esto es lo que pone el sazón a la vida y que los días traigan una motivación y que dejen de ser numeritos para tachar en un calendario.

Para vivir hay que luchar, y sin fé en nosotros, en algo superior, sin esperanza no vivimos.

No siempre el amor viene vestido de una pareja... El amor puede ser un abrazo de un hijo...un despertar con un besito , una conversación de alguien que se interese por ti...Un abrazo de tu madre..Un saludo de la paz...una música que te calme..o que te encienda...un baile...un proyecto que te ilusione...

Disfruta el hecho de estar viv@ y sé felíz!